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[edit] When creating or editing entries

  • Use professional language.
  • Represent differing views fairly and objectively
  • Give credit to authors of quoted and paraphrased information by citing your references
  • Be respectful of others’ views
  • Contribute information and personal expertise directly related to the corresponding entry title
  • Create entries based on Cryptography and Information Security subjects
  • Respect the privacy of members in the community

[edit] The following are strictly prohibited when creating or editing entries:

  • Contributing information unrelated to the corresponding entry title
  • Using inflammatory language
  • Biased entry contributions
  • Copyright infringement
  • Plagiarism
  • Exposing other users’ personal contact or identifying information
  • Attacks or flames against any company, product, network, community member, etc.
  • Incomplete sentences, grammatical and spelling errors, and improper punctuation
  • Profanity

[edit] Linking to other sites

URLs must

  • Be secondary to the information posted.
  • Give additional information to the original content or be a reference to paraphrased information.
  • Link directly to the article or information page referenced in the entry.

[edit] Entering Mathematical Formula

  • Use the math syntax only. This will also proper rendering of the formula.

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