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CrypTool is a free software illustrating the cryptographic concepts. A great number of analysis tools and algorithms are efficiently implemented. The graphical interface and the abundant online documentation allow the user, even a newbie, to be introduced to cryptography mysteries. The most classic mechanisms, as well as asymmetric cryptography RSA, elliptic curve cryptography, digital signatures or Diffie-Hellman key exchange, are explained by visual animations. The CrypTool presentation with around 100 slides gives an overview of the CrypTool project and CrypTool's features including many screenshots.

This software is developed in an open source project. Originally it was developed by German companies and universities. Its role was to make the users aware of network security threats and explain to them some of the underlying concepts. It is designed rather as an e-learning tool than as a programme to be used productively. The package is available in English, German and Polish.

The current version is written in C++. Currently it runs only on the operating system Microsoft Windows. A port to Linux with Qt4 just started. New sub projects started to port it to C#/.NET/WPF (see subversion repository at University of Darmstadt) and to Java/Eclipse/RCP/SWT (see the new SourceForge project).

CrypTool received international awards as an educational software (TeleTrusT Special Award, EISA 2004, IT Security Award NRW 2004).

The whole package is downloaded approximately 3000 times a month (about 1/3 of it in English). It is used in schools, universities, companies and agencies for education and awareness training.

The development of CrypTool started in 1998. Current version is 1.4.10 which was released in July 2007.

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